Simon P Walker

Simon Walker _ University of Bristol - Academia.ed

My recent papers

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Discovering how steering cognition contributes to human society




Subversive Leadership (no longer available), 2005







The Undefended Leader trilogy (Piquant)


Leading Out of  Who You Are, Discovering the Secret of Undefended Leadership, 2007, 160pp













Leading with Nothing to Lose, Training in the Exercise of Power, 2007, 160pp











Leading with Everything to Give, Lessons from the Success and Failure of Western Capitalism, 2009, 155pp











Finding the Still Point ,   52 Reflections, 2009, 120pp










A Brief Introduction to the Theory of Human Ecology, 2009, 112pp











The Ecology of Coaching, A New Approach to Transformational Coaching, 2009, 160pp












The Undefended Life, Rediscovering God's Freedom to Live Beyond Fear, 2011, 230 pp












The Undefended Leader Trilogy Single Volume Hardback, 2011, 560pp

























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